Round table 67 Antwerp international

Community projects

Round Table Antwerp 67 International's own vzw was set up specially to help local people in Antwerp. We support several projects in and around Antwerpen on a yearly basis. Some of them are listed below.

Casa di Mauro

Casa di Mauro in Kontich is a 'leefboerderij' for young adults with a handicap. The farm is set up to feel as homely as possible.

Casa di Mauro is located in the countryside and the inhabitants have the use of a vegetable garden and farmyard animals such as chickens, goats and donkeys.

Their daily routine is geared towards what they are able to achieve and not towards what they aren't able to achieve.

The RT67 Antwerp International has sponsored Casa di Mauro for the past two years. The fence used to fence of the fields has, for example, been able to be purchased with our help.

Juniors Group and Katrinahof

Sports is very important for mentally disabled young people, not only for the physical but also for the mental and social development.

Round Table 67 sponsors 2 projects in Antwerp, which focuses on organizing sports activities for people with a disability:

Juniors Group

Since 1969, the Juniorsgroep offers sportive activities to young people with Down syndrome.  Every week, around 40 mentally disabled men and women gather in Fabiola-dorp in Deurne to exercise Judo, netball and other sports.

The Juniors Group is entirely ran by family members and volunteers, who guide the athletes and who organize fund-raisers throughout the year for their daily needs.  For all extra costs, the Juniors Group depend on gifts of external partners. 

The Round Table 67 is since 4 year a proud sponsor of the Juniors and supports them wherever possible.   RT67 has provide with a new net for the netball, new Judo-mats, cost of bus trips and accommodation at the Special Olympics and new outfits for the entire team.

One of our members, acts since 8 years as “ Zwarte Piet” on their annual Sinterklaas-festivity, which keeps us personally involved in this Antwerp community project.


Through the Juniors Group, RT 67 was introduced to Katrinahof, where a lot of their members also go to the day-school.  Katrinahof is situated at Linkeroever and offer boarding school as well as day-center for the mentally disabled.  They organize sporting activities and depend entirely on the support of volunteers and sponsors to organize their activities.

The Round Table 67 recently sponsored a new score board and outfits for the teams.

Den Engel

Situated in the north of Antwerp “Den Engel” is a Home for children between 15 and 18 years old.

They host  +/-16 children whose home situation is too difficult and temporarily need a better place to stay.

The children have no criminal past and are generally saved by the authorities and placed into care of Den Engel.

We supported them for the last 8 years or plus and bought them a TV,  cooking installation, tables, sofa’s, computers and so much more. 

Every time we visit them we have  proof money was spent in the best way possible and that this long ongoing project is handled with great care and love by a fantastic team of highly motivated team of Carers and surrogate “parents” for the children in need.