Round table 67 Antwerp international

About RT67

Round Table 67 is a social networking and charitable organisation for men aged between 18 and 40. Membership of Round Table provides a selection of social and community service related opportunities for its members, who come from all parts of the community.

Round Table 67 Antwerp International is part of the international Round Table organisation which saw daylight on the 14th of March 1927 in Norwich (UK). Today, we count 34.000 members in more then 60 different countries! 

By joining a Round Table you don't just gain a local social network, but you also gain 34,000 friends worldwide.

The RT67 Antwerp International has 20 official meetings per year. Some of these are formal meetings and others are fun meetings such as karting, wine tasting and visits to other Belgian Round Tabele events.

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. If you would like to attend one of our meetings and see what Round Table and the RT67 is all about you are welcome to do so, but send us an email first so we can tell you when our next meeting is.


  • NOV 1970

    RT67 opens it's first meeting on the 28th of Nov 1970. Thanks to their Godmother RT2 Anvers.

  • Juni 2015

    The RT67 launches it's 67 Gin.

  • NOV 2015

    The RT67 turns 45. PARTY.


We meet on the first and third thursday of each month. There are 3 Round Tables in Antwerp; RT2 (French speaking), RT25 (Dutch speaking) and RT67 where English is the spoken language. This to accentuate our International character where people from all countries are welcome.